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Real Estate Litigation

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The development of commercial, industrial and residential property is a complex process involving many stakeholders. As a result, when conflicts arise, the litigation process can be protracted and financially devastating for those involved.

The real estate attorneys at Krebs Farley have extensive experience litigating real estate development matters on behalf of developers, property owners, mortgage and mezzanine lenders, debt and equity investors, tenants and property managers. Our goal is to achieve a favorable outcome for our clients and resolve matters as efficiently as possible so that the projects in dispute can proceed to completion.

We have handled matters involving ownership and servitude (easement) issues, and cases arising out of land sales transactions, zoning issues, specific performance orders, False Claims Act allegations and entitlement issues with municipalities.

When claims of construction defects are filed, our in-depth construction knowledge of the specific issues involved gives us a knowledge that allows us to advocate aggressively for our clients to get the project back on track.

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