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Subcontractor Default Insurance

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Since the product was launched in the 1990s, attorneys at Krebs Farley have been working with subcontractor default insurance carriers to litigate disputed claims, bring actions against insureds for reimbursement, and provide coverage opinions. Our firm has handled SDI disputes on projects located in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The amount in controversy has ranged from several hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars. Although most of our SDI litigation involves coverage disputes, we have also litigated subrogation claims for our clients. Recently, we were able to leverage our experience in litigating coverage disputes to assist two major insurers in refreshing or drafting new SDI policies.

When asked to provide coverage opinions, our attorneys evaluate the clients’ rights and obligations, clearly define the issues involved, and suggest strategies for proactively resolving coverage disputes. When litigating disputed claims, we aggressively pursue our clients’ defenses and look for creative approaches to resolve the claim favorably. Krebs Farley has a deep bench of lawyers that have both litigated SDI disputes and understand the nuances of how SDI policies operate. We truly enjoy working with our clients on this insurance product and hope to work with you in the future to help address your needs.